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The Moroccan Argan Oil Story:

From the burning sands of the Moroccan desert and its life-sustaining oasis, come essential secrets of the nourishing, moisturizing and healing elements of argan oil. Much sought after since the times of Arabian sheiks and desert caravans carrying this precious argan oil to lands near and far, the premier oil of the argan nut is now available in our ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan OilŪ brand of natural hair and skin care products.

As the manufacturer of ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan OilŪ we have incorporated argan oil in our product formulations to provide nourishment and healing to skin and hair and have not compromised the natural properties of this sensational oil.

The ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan OilŪ products are wonderfully nourishing and moisturizing, multi-cultural and designed for all hair and skin types. The hair care products are designed to reduce and eliminate most problems associated with natural hair such as dullness, dryness, faded color and curl definition.


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