Why you should Moisturize Your Hair

10 December 2016

Appropriate hair care is an essential part of ensuring that your tresses will remain strong, shiny and will grow properly. This means not only caring for your hair, but also your scalp. Some people believe that simply trimming the ends every couple months is sufficient to maintain a healthy head of hair, but it is also important to moisturize the scalp and seal hair ends to prevent drying and splitting. Here are three benefits sealing your hair and hydrating the scalp with oil s as a part of your daily hair care routine.

Reduce breakage – Products, such as our Ultimate Argan Oil Treatment, or Ultimate Instant Repairing Mask are great ways to apply hydrating oils to your hair and scalp to maintain it moisture and keep it protected. Maintaining your hair’s moisture levels helps to prevent dry damaged hair that is prone to splitting and breakage. Additionally, proper sealing helps to replenish the moisture that is lost on a daily basis.
Detangle Hair – Dry brittle hair is far more susceptible to knotting and tangling. Sealing your hair will maintain a smoother texture which reduces the propensity to form snarls in your hair.
Longer hair – Because moisturizing helps to keep your hair and scalp healthier, it also makes it easier to grow your hair longer. Split ends and breakage often require cutting. However, if your hair is properly sealed and hydrated, it will not need to be cut as often, thereby allowing you to grow thicker, longer and stronger hair.
At Ultimate Argan oil in addition to hydrating shampoos and conditioners, we offer two products that help protect and seal your hair and moisturize your scalp, creating healthy, shiny, vibrant hair.

Use our Ultimate Argan Oil treatment after shampooing your hair to lock in hydration and increase shine. And, the Ultimate Instant Repairing Mask revitalizes dry damaged hair. Work the product evenly through clean damp hair. Take time to thoroughly work through ends of hair as well as the scalp, adding more product if needed. Allow hair to set for 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Style your hair as desired and enjoy your healthy, beautifully hydrated hair.

Healthy hair starts with moisturizing. Check out our full line of Ultimate Argan Oil products to infuse your hair with hydrating beauty!

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