Providing Customers with the Purest Products for the Best Possible Results

14 December 2016

At Floclaire, our goal is to offer our customer the purest, naturally derived products to enhance beauty and create healthy and glowing skin and hair. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that the O’tentika products are now paraben-free (the most popular products in this line are currently paraben-free, with the remaining products being updated by the end of 2016).

What does that mean for our customers? Paraben is a chemical preservative that is often used in skincare or cosmetic make-up products. While there are no scientifically proven side effects from products containing paraben, at Floclaire, we believe that providing products with the purest and most naturally derived ingredients is always the best policy.

In addition to the removal of paraben, the O’tentika line also has updated that formulation of its brightening component. The new formula will move away from licorice extract to a combination of ingredients that are dominated by pea extracts. The new formula feels lighter and absorbs better into the skin.

Finally, in an effort to provide customers with genuine O’tentika products, all of their packaging will include an anti-counterfeit feature. In a press release put out by the manufacturer, they note

“We care about customer’s safety and want to engage the customers and help them to select genuine products.”

The special anti-counterfeit label includes a built-in 3D shape, a unique serial number and an internet validated QR code. The manufacturer asks customers to do the following three steps to validate product authenticity:

Verify that the 3D label is present (see image sample)
Validate the presence of dots and serial number.
Scan the QR code to verify authenticity online with O’tentika’s customer service department.
In the end, this change is about offering our customers the very best products. At Floclaire, that is our mission and our goal. And it shows in the glowing skin of our valued customers.

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  1. Bonjour, j’ai une question vos produits existent au BENIN? Quels sont les points de vente au BENIN ouyon pourrait s’en procurer ?

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