Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment for a Summertime Glow

1 June 2018

Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment is an Important Part of Your Health

Your skin is one of the largest factors of your personal health. Not only does it house precious cargo, but it also serves a temperature regulator. Your skin cells are constantly growing and repairing the damage caused by outer elements. That means it’s overly crucial to maintain a healthy skin care regimen. With the summer heat approaching, that regimen should only be broadened. That’s why we recommend using our Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment to get your summertime glow.

Hot Summer Skin Care Tips with Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment

Your skin is a vital part of your physical health. Keeping it healthy and prepared for the elements is the key to happiness. The constant exposure to the summer heat can have negative impacts on your skin. Of course the solution here would be to use our Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment, but we also have a few other tips on how you can keep that summer glow without burning up.

  • Stay Hydrated – Keeping fluids in your system is a summer must. The heat causes internal dehydration due to higher temperatures and sweating out the existing fluids in your body. To counter this, you should be drinking a minimum of one, 8 ounce glass of water a day. That one small step will trickle down to other benefits throughout the summer – less fatigue and less headaches.
  • Be Generous with Sunscreen – A dollop of sunscreen is never enough. Sunscreen is one of the top products you can use this summer to help your skin. Applying sunscreen before any outdoor activity can make the difference in your skin’s health. According to the AAD, SPF 15 or higher is the best choice because it protects against 93% of harmful rays. The recommended time to apply is 15 to 30 minutes before exposure; this allows proper time for the lotion to soak in. This small step can prevent you from the harmful UV rays and lessen your risk of skin cancer. Plus, it keeps your skin hydrated even if you don’t jump in the water.
  • Exfoliate The Heat Away – Our bodies gets rid of over 30,000 skin cells a day. That allows for new skin to thrive and helps the skin breathe. This exfoliation hydrates the skin regularly; that’s especially true when exfoliating before makeup or going out.
  • Look At The Time – Peak hours of the day are the worst time to be exposed to the sun. The highest chance of sunburn typically occurs between 10a and 2pm. Even if covered in sunscreen or a cloudy day, we recommend steering clear of those peak hours. Your skin will thank you.

Your Clothes Make All the Difference

Of course swimming and any outdoor trips will expose your skin to more sun, but what about a normal day out and about? The clothes you wear during the summer months can make a huge impact on your skin’s health. Certain specialty stores offer UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rated clothing. These clothes are a greater guarantee of shielding your skin against any damage. However, you also don’t necessarily need any specialty clothing to stay on top of the summer heat. Garments that contain unbleached cotton, high-luster polyesters and thin stain silk can help prevent rays from reaching your skin. Plus, it’s always recommended to wear lighter colors in the summer months to reflect the rays; darker colors absorb UV light putting you at a greater risk. Clothes play an important part and pair great with our Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment.

The Best Choice for Your Skin is Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment

Although the tips we provided are beneficial, we also recommend using The ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil® Treatment. It is a unique serum with instant absorption into hair and skin to create a beautiful shine and long-term hydration. This treatment is high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants (such as vitamin E and carotenes) and natural moisturizers. Our ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment can be instantly absorbed into hair and skin to heal, moisturize, restore shine and protect against environmental factors like that summer heat. Another option for your skin would be our ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil® Deluxe Exfoliating Soap. This soap is particularly effective in helping to remove dead skin cells and excess oil that can lead to dull skin and breakouts. This wonderful soap also helps to brighten your complexion while infusing your skin with Argan oil. Regular use will keep your skin clean, blemish free and visibly brighter and smoother.

Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment for Beating the Heat

We want you to continue loving the skin you’re in and keeping it healthy during the summer. Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment is natural and is made to keep your skin clear and hydrated. If you would like to contact us, we offer a live customer service from 9 am to 5 p.m. CST. Please feel free to contact us at 888-377-9187 with any questions you may have. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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