Flat Iron Advice for Fall Style

6 October 2017

With the leaves changing colors and the air getting cooler, fall brings out a fresh feeling in all of us. As our favorite hoodies and boots are pulled out of the back of the closet, the change of season provides an opportunity for new styles. So as you button up that cute flannel and slip on a comfy pair of leggings, don’t forget about styling your hair for the season. Humidity has gone into hibernation until next summer, so pull out that straightener. If you need a push in the right direction, here is some flat iron advice for this exciting time of year. Continue reading “Flat Iron Advice for Fall Style”

How to Have Great Back to School Your Curly Hair

4 August 2017

Despite the many challenges ladies with curly hair face on a day-to-day basis, having natural curls can be incredibly gorgeous – if you know how to treat it right. Yes, it will definitely take a lot of work but the rewards are all worth it! So, the million dollar question is – how can you banish the frizz and enjoy that perfect curl? Here are some tips that can help tame your hair and keep those curls looking great as you go back to school this year! Continue reading “How to Have Great Back to School Your Curly Hair”


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