Curls in the Rainy Season

Corralling Those Curls in the Rainy Season

22 September 2017

For many curly-haired beauties out there you know that part of your morning routine involves checking in on the hair frizz weather forecast. If rain is predicted or there is a chance of high humidity you almost feel your curls start to frizz at the thought of it. Curls are thirsty for moisture and will literally “drink” it out of the air causing your hair to become extra frizzy. And once your hair is damp from the rain your styling is also going to collapse.  It’s part of the ongoing battle to manage your curls in the rainy season and can leave one feeling in despair.

Why Do My Curls Frizz in the Rain?

According to the Smithsonian, “Humid air causes hydrogen bonds to form between water molecules and the proteins in your hair, triggering curls and frizz”Curls in the Rainy Season

Curly hair is prone to dryness as one’s natural oils struggle to navigate through the bends in the strands of your hair. The best solution is to make sure that your luscious curls are always kept moisturized so they don’t have to pull that moisture in from the surrounding air. This is especially true if your hair is also dry and damaged. Curly hair in bad condition has lifted cuticles making it much easier for the outside humidity to enter your individual hair strands resulting in instant frizz. It is vital that you use products on your hair that banish dryness and nourish your cuticles back to health.

Your “Umbrella” of Hair Care Solutions

As a curly haired goddess you should look for hair care products that are:

  • Sulfate free
  • Rich in essential fatty acids, oxidants
  • Rich in natural moisturizers
  • Infused with advanced technology and curl memory
  • Instantly absorbed into your hair
  • Effective at strengthening and improving hair strands

Step 1: Head to your bathroom and throw those sulfate-based shampoo and conditioner bottles in the trash – they are guilty of striping your curls of their much-needed moisture.

Curls in the Rainy SeasonStep 2: You need to invest in corralling your curls by sealing the hair cuticle and coating your curls with a super hydrating conditioner.

Step 3: Give yourself the gift of Curl Defining Essence-the ultimate answer to frizzy curls in the rainy season. Simply add it into towel-dried hair after your shampoo and conditioning ritual.

Curls in the Rainy Season?

Using the right products for curly, untamed hair gives you the maximum protection against the elements. You can’t stay indoors and avoid the rain forever. You want to put on your rain boots and face the world in all of your curly, wavy glory.

So, don’t let the rain frizz you out. For ultimate hold while still retaining lightweight bounce and brilliant shine for your curls in the rainy season use Moroccan Argan Oil’s Curl Defining Essence! Don’t let your hair control you, control your hair. We have a range of solutions to help you manage your curls in every season.



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