Corralling Those Curls in the Rainy Season

22 September 2017

For many curly-haired beauties out there you know that part of your morning routine involves checking in on the hair frizz weather forecast. If rain is predicted or there is a chance of high humidity you almost feel your curls start to frizz at the thought of it. Curls are thirsty for moisture and will literally “drink” it out of the air causing your hair to become extra frizzy. And once your hair is damp from the rain your styling is also going to collapse.  It’s part of the ongoing battle to manage your curls in the rainy season and can leave one feeling in despair. Continue reading “Corralling Those Curls in the Rainy Season”

Don’t Hate Your Curls, Show Them Off!

8 June 2017

It’s so easy to hate your curls. Some people always wondered why they just can’t have that ultra straight hair or those gorgeous, lustrous waves they always see on TV and in the magazines. Instead, they are stuck with those unruly curls. Living in a society where beauty is often perceived by how straight, sleek and shiny one’s hair is can be a terrible ordeal for women of all ages. No wonder, 27% of women find it impossible to live without their straighteners while a good number of females turn to chemical treatments to tame their curls.   Continue reading “Don’t Hate Your Curls, Show Them Off!”


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