Argan Oil Skin Care For Scar Care

27 April 2018

Agran Oil Skin Care and Its Effect On Scar Repair

Scars are a part of life. Whether they from accident or the result of childbirth, we can have a hard time accepting these scars that define us. Occasionally, we want to hide and remove these scars. The problem is solutions in the health and beauty industry can have little to no effect on our scar’s appearances. However, there has been growing popularity and trust with Argan Oil Skin Care. Continue reading “Argan Oil Skin Care For Scar Care”

I Love My Baby, but Not the Stretch Marks!

16 June 2017

Motherhood can be a great blessing. However, the stretch marks that come with it can be a considerable cause of concern. While it is not considered medically dangerous, the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs may be enough to cause psychological distress and anxiety. Sadly, about 50% to 90% of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks before delivery. So, while a lot of women want to experience the joys of motherhood, no one welcomes the possibility of having to deal with those ugly stretch marks. To go through pregnancy without bearing the scars, here are some tips that can help you keep them away for good. Continue reading “I Love My Baby, but Not the Stretch Marks!”


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